All About Tor
14 May 2015 00:04:23 EST

A little bit ago NCC Group North America had an all-hands retreat, and solicited technical talks. I fired off a one-line e-mail: "All About Tor - Everything from the Directory Authorities to the Link Protocol to Pluggable Transports to everything in between." And promptly forgot about it for... a couple months. I ended up building the deck, with a level of detail I thought was about 80% of what I wanted, and gave a dry-run for my 45 minute talk. It ran two full hours.

I cut a bunch of content for the talk, but knew I would need to finish the whole thing and make it available. Which I finally did! The slides are available here, and are released CC Attribution-ShareAlike. The source for the presentation is available in keynote format.

Major thanks to all the folks I bugged to build this, especially Nick Mathewson, and those who gave me feedback on mailing lists.

Thumbnail of slides

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