De-Anonymizing Alt.Anonymous.Messages Followup 1
12 Aug 2013 19:00:00 EDT

I've been overwhelmed by the positive response to De-Anonymizing Alt.Anonymous.Messages on twitter, mailing lists, reddit, and all around. I recognize it's pretty niche (in comparison to the Femtocell talk, the room in AAM slowly dwindled, as opposed to slowly filling up over time) - but I'm glad people enjoyed it, and I'm extremely happy that publishing the transcript/speaker notes has let so many more people read it. I also want to thank Zax, again. I had some ideas about how nymservs and Type I remailers worked, and I was pretty far off. Fortunately, I engaged Zax a few months out from my talk, and he was able right most of my views - without his help I would have been in sad shape.

I wanted to follow up on a few comments I saw. I got a message via the hoi-polloi.org mixmaster node that pointed me to another suite of software I did not include in my slides. Most of these programs have been updated in the past few months - so they are actively maintained.

The suite includes:

I haven't actually examined any of the code (although they seem to be open source on sourceforge) - but maybe this is a nice architecture to explore more of: use shared libraries to provide functionality, and have simple and more complicated GUIs on top for more and less technical users. (Not that I'd call the 'simple' GUIs that simple, I'm just talking in the abstract.)

For a listing of other AAM tools, check the Bonus Slides at the end of the original AAM slides (with speaker notes).

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